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Welcome to the PlathOnline weblog!

Check back here often for news and updates or submit your e-mail address below to receive an e-mail notification each time there's a new weblog entry:

This is a frequently updated resource for all things Plath in the media and online. This is not necessarily a discussion forum or commentary, but rather a links-based log of items of interest and PlathOnline site update report. Weblog contributors include: Emily (site administrator), Linda, Tanya, Connie, Wickers_Poet, and Linsday.

I'm looking for a few things from you, the reader:

  1. First of all, please please please e-mail me about any Plath articles or tidbits you find. If the item is recent, informative, interesting, and doesn't repeat anything already listed, I will likely link to it here and give you credit. So that I may credit you, please include your name, location, and a personal web page address if you have one.
  2. The "Comments" link below each entry is for...comments. I encourage you to use this to post your thoughts on an entry. The "Link" link is the web address for that individual entry, in case you want to e-mail that entry to a friend or link to it from your own page.
  3. For those of you unfamiliar with reading weblogs, they typically flow in reverse-chronological order. This means you'll find the most recent entries at the top. Archives are listed by category and date near the bottom of this page.
  4. Anyone can start his/her own weblog. Movable Type (for the sophisticated webmaster) or Typepad (for the novice) offer great tools to get started. My personal weblog is found at Strangechord.com. Vivé independent publishing!


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