Go get the goodly squab

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Go get the goodly squab in gold-lobed corn
And pluck the droll-flecked quail where thick they lie;
Reap the round blue pigeon from roof ridge,
But let the fast-feathered eagle fly.

            Let the fast-feathered eagle fly
            And the skies crack through with thunder;
            Hide, hide, in the deep nest
            Lest the lightning strike you to cinder.

Go snare the sleeping bear in leaf-lined den
And trap the muskrat napping in slack sun;
Dupe the dull sow lounging snout in mud,
But let the galloping antelope run.

            Let the galloping antelope run
            And the snow blow up behind;
            Hide, hide, in the safe cave
            Lest the blizzard drive you blind.

Go cull the purple snails from slothful shells
And bait the drowsing trout by the brook's brim;
Gather idle oysters from green shoals,
But let the quicksilver mackerel swim.

            Let the quicksilver mackerel swim
            Where the black wave topples down;
            Hide, hide, in the warm port
            Lest the water drag you to drown.