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* 19 October 2003 *

Looking for weblog contributors
posted by Emily at 1:18 AM

Attention Plath fans!

I started this a weblog to keep visitors up to date with news, articles, and announcements regarding Plath. However, over the past few months, I've been really swamped with work and school and haven't been able to keep the blog current like I'd wanted. As most of you know, this is a time of much potential posting, what with the new film, a few new books, etc... I really hate to see the weblog fall behind in the light of all these new developments.

Would anyone would be interested in being a blogger here? It employs the Movable Type (MT) blogging program, which is fairly easy to use. I would set you up with an MT log-in and you could go in and post announcements, links to articles and new Plath sites, reviews of the movie, and so forth. Because I can set up any number of accounts in MT, I could see signing up a number of different people to keep the weblog up to date. Prior blogging experience and/or experience with HTML would be great, but may not be necessary.

Please leave a note in the comments if you interested. Thanks!

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* 27 September 2002 *

New/old articles on site
posted by Emily at 4:13 PM

I am slowly but surely adding links to the <a href="http:/