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Date-based Archive:  April 2004

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* 23 April 2004 *

'The Plath Effect'
posted by Linda at 10:34 AM

James Kaufman of Learning Research Institute at California State University recently completed a study of why poets die young--younger than novelists, playwrights, and other writers. In this study, Kaufman also studied poets and mental illness.

"What I found was pretty consistent with the death finding actually, female poets were much more likely to suffer from mental illness (e.g., be hospitalized, commit suicide, attempt suicide) than any other kind of writer and more likely than other eminent women," he said.

"I've dubbed this the 'Sylvia Plath Effect.'"

You can find Kaufman's study in the Journal of Death Studies.

Update: A more detailed article on Kaufman's study can be found in Saturday's edition of the New York Times.

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