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Date-based Archive:  August 2002

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* 30 August 2002 *

Paltrow: "I'm not interested in vilifying people"
posted by Emily at 10:27 PM

From UnderGround Online's interview with Gwyneth Paltrow comes the following exchange:

DE: You're doing another book from British culture with the movie based on Sylvia Plath. Is she going to be a victim or a monster? (Paltrow is to star in a BBC Films co-production about the tragic love affair between poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.)

GP: Not at all. I'm not interested in vilifying people. I don't think there is anything interesting or informative to be derived from that. It takes two people to compose a relationship. I wanted it to feel like a documentary. I wanted his side completely represented as well. I think he loved her always, and it was one of those relationships that was so full of passion. They both informed each other's work. I want it to be about them, but also what was between them. I don't subscribe to the view that he was a misogynist and he was responsible for her demise. I think life is far more complicated than that.

We just hired another director Christine Jeffs, director of Rain. I think she's amazing. Rain was such a beautiful film. I was really happy with the idea of a woman doing the film.

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