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*Full Sites*

* Lucy's Sylvia Plath site
* Peter Steinberg's Sylvia Plath Site
* Rory's Sylvia Plath Page
* PlathPoems at Angelfire
* Sylvia Plath (informatik)
* Sylvia Plath: Poetic Artisan
* Sylvia Plath: The Beekeeper's Daughter
* The Life and the Works of Sylvia Plath
* The Madness and Artistry of Sylvia Plath
* The Sylvia Plath Forum
* Sylvia Plath Page

*Small Sites*

Sylvia Plath's Last Days *
Winter Trees: A Page of Sylvia Plath *
Sylvia Plath, Poetess *
Sylvia Plath: The Ariel Poems *
The Mysterious World of Sylvia Plath *
Sylvia Plath Biography *
You are in the bell jar, my friend *
Plath biography by Bill Gilson *
Plath biography by Miriam *
Sylvia Plath: Finding The Lost Jewel *
Andrea's Plath page *
Sylvia Plath: modern poet of emotion *
Elendilya's Plath page *
Lindsey's Plath page *
Mario Atilono's Plath page *
Starwisher's Plath page *


*Primarily Poems*
(5+ poems)

* .a wind of such violence.the work of plath. (230 poems)
* The Plagiarist.com's Plath poetry w/comments (101 poems)
* Sylvia Plath's Depressing Poets Page (29 poems)
* Dana's Plath page (21 poems)
* maenad (20 poems)
* Sylvia Plath Tribute (18 poems)
* Faye's Plath page (13 poems)
* Niki's Plath page (9 poems)
* Rachel's Plath page (5 poems)

*Foreign Sites*
(translation tool: Babel)

Sylvia Plath, CÚlibataire (French) *
Der Computergarten: Sylvia Plath (German) *
Berlin Online - "'Die TagebŘcher' von Sylvia..." (German) *
Five poems (German) *
"Sylvia Plath: 'La scrittura resta: va sola...'" (Italian) *
Sylvia Plath (Portuguese) *
O Poema - Sylvia Plath w/translations (Portuguese) *


*Encyclopedia & Database Entries*

* from The Academy of American Poets
* from BBC Education online
* from Neurotic Poets
* from An Outline of American Literature
* from Pegasos
* from Woman Poets
* from The Women's Resource Project
* from World Book Online

*Mailing Lists, Fan Boards & Clubs*

SylviaPlath mailing group (~550 members) *
Sylvia_Plath mailing group (~75 members) *
Sylvia Plath club at Yahoo *
Sylvia Plath's Lives club at Yahoo *
A Place For Plath club at Yahoo *
Sylvia Plath Poetry club at Yahoo *
Sylvia Plath Forum Frigate *
Trapped In the Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath fan listing *


*Audio & Video*

* Review of "Voice of the Poet" series featuring Plath
Includes: "Lady Lazarus" 10/30/62 and "November Graveyard" 4/18/58
* Salon.com: excerpt from The Bell Jar, read by Frances McDormand, "Sow" and "On the Difficulty of Conjuring Up a Dryad", "November Graveyard" and "Black Rook in Rainy Weather", "On the Decline of Oracles" and "Mushrooms"
* The Academy of American Poets: "The Stones"
* NPR's Weekend All Things Considered, 2/1/98, report on "Birthday Letters" by Ted Hughes
* NPR's Talk of the Nation, 4/23/98, "Book Club of the Air: Ariel" discussion
* BBC News, 1/17/98, "Hughes breaks silence over Plath" with audio clip of Ted Hughes, etc.
* Sylvia Plath audio show at The Connection
* Audio from the Sylvia Plath Forum
* Info on The Voices and Visions Plath documentary

*Primarily Pictures*

Justin's Sylvia Plath photo site *
Steve's Sylvia Plath photo site *
Alice's Psychotic Sylvia Site *


*Educational Resources*

* EducETH's teaching resources, forum, & ideas on Plath
* Houghton Mifflin's Plath resource for instructors

*Ted Hughes & Frieda Hughes*

Smith College's Frieda Hughes' page (includes photo) *
Earth|Moon: A Ted Hughes Website *
The Ted Hughes Homepage *
Tributes to Ted Hughes *


*Special Interest*

* Guide to the Sylvia Plath Materials in the Lilly Library
* Site for the "Eye Rhymes: Visual Art & Manuscripts of Sylvia Plath" Exhibition and the "Sylvia Plath 70th Year Commemoration and Literary Symposium" held at Indiana University
* Pictures of Plath's annotated copy of Whitman's "Leaves Of Grass" 1 and 2
* Sylvia Plath's natal horoscope
* Picture of Plath's drafts of "Stings"
* A Description of Sylvia Plath's Copy of The Great Gatsby
* Plath's "A Comparison"
* Sylvia Plath Quotes 1 and 2
* Picture of original transcript of "Three Women"
* Just for fun - my poem "For The Poet Sylvia"

*For Sale*

Plath t-shirts, mugs, mousepad for sale *
E-Bay auctions search on Sylvia Plath *

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