PlathOnline Weblog en-us 2004-04-23T10:34:41-08:00 'The Plath Effect' James Kaufman of Learning Research Institute at California State University recently completed a study of why poets die young--younger than novelists, playwrights, and other writers. In this study, Kaufman also studied poets and mental illness. "What I found was pretty... General articles Linda 2004-04-23T10:34:41-08:00 Baking Poems Like Cakes In today's edition of the Sydney Morning Herald, Julia Baird writes of 'The Wife and Mother Who Baked Poems, Sylvia Plath. Baird explores Plath's role in influencing the domestic lifestyle of women past, and in redefining today's. She also asks... General articles Linda 2004-02-20T07:22:46-08:00 'Sylvia' Release on DVD Sylvia was released in the U.S. this week bringing about reviews of the film online. A positive review of the film was posted earlier today on the online edition of The Flat Hat, the student newspaper of the College of... Film news Linda 2004-02-13T13:54:27-08:00 'Why Sylvia Plath is more than just a tragic film role' An interesting, yet short, article appeared in the 2.February edition of the BBC News Online. But is her work [Sylvia's] still relevant to young women in the 21st Century? Anja Beckmann from Leipzig, Germany, who also runs a website paying... Analysis/Criticism Linda 2004-02-05T07:59:36-08:00 More Reviews/Articles for 'Sylvia' 27.January Stuff [NZ] - Review: 'Sylvia' 29.January The Scotsman - Walking a Plath of Misery The Daily Telegraph [AUS] - 'Sylvia' The Daily Telegraph [AUS] - Sylvia, My Daddy and Me 30.January The Irish Examiner - Gwyneth shines but 'Sylvia... Film news Linda 2004-01-30T07:25:04-08:00 'Sylvia Plath: Brittle Idol' Newly added to the Psychology Today website is an article from the November/December issue [in addition to the other article, 'Dying for Melodrama' that has been posted], titled 'Sylvia Plath: Brittle Idol.' Sylvia Plath's influence on young women fades as... Analysis/Criticism Linda 2004-01-27T09:05:27-08:00 Oregon Daily Emerald Article Plath's talent overshadowed by death, an article by Aaron Shakra, appears in today's issue of the Oregon Daily Emerald. But of course, the mistake might lie in trying to say Plath is any one thing. Suicide is clearly an idea... General articles Linda 2004-01-22T08:03:51-08:00 More "Sylvia" Reviews There are still quite a few reviews and articles popping up here and there giving mixed reviews and insight on Sylvia, with recent premieres of the film in Australia and New Zealand. 21.January.2004: The New Zealand Herald:Sylvia - Friendless, freezing... Film news Linda 2004-01-20T06:54:10-08:00 Al Alvarez article Check out "Ted, Sylvia and me" by Al Alvarez from the Observer this past Sunday. Alvarez was a good friend of Plath and Hughes as well as a fellow poet. He writes of his experience as a consultant for Sylvia... General articles Emily 2004-01-06T21:15:38-08:00 Plath's friend gives film thumbs down In Sunday's Independent: Sylvia Plath film has lost the plot, says her closest friend. "Elizabeth Sigmund advised the makers of 'Sylvia', but she says Paltrow's poet is not the fun, humorous woman she knew."... Film news Emily 2003-12-30T21:02:04-08:00 "Sylvia, Jane and me" in the Times The London Times literary supplement had a Plath article this past Thursday: "Sylvia, Jane and me" by Ruth Fainlight, a friend of Plath's. An excerpt: My first impression was of a burningly ambitious and intelligent young woman trying to look... General articles Emily 2003-12-15T21:15:07-08:00 Article in Psychology Today I recently came across an article published in the November/December issue of Psychology Today on Sylvia: "Dying for Melodrama." Unfortunately you cannot access the entire article online. I will make available the full text of the article as soon as... General articles Linda 2003-12-03T06:53:11-08:00 Smithsonian article Great article in the Smithsonian Magazine this month that you can read online: Seeing Sylvia Plath.... General articles Emily 2003-11-23T14:18:01-08:00 <![CDATA[Interview with Diane Middlebrook, author of <I>Her Husband</I>]]> Interesting Salon article out a few days ago about Diane Middlebrook's new book, Her Husband, a biography of Plath's and Hughes' marriage. Middlebrook's first biography, on Anne Sexton, was nominated for the National Book Award, and this new book is... General articles Emily 2003-11-15T18:38:55-08:00 Seattle Weekly review By steering clear of the lurid, the sordid, and the true, this new Plath biopic fails to live up the new Plath biolit. by Tim Appelo (Oct 29) When Sylvia Plath put her head in the oven in 1963, envious... Film news Tanya 2003-11-07T04:16:29-08:00