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i love the site. i love plath. the covers of all her books i have...and all of their pages are dogeared and worn. beautiful beautiful site. xxoo, Ember
ember <soul_caper@opendiary.com>

Hi Emily. Great site! Thanks for trading URL's with me. ~Kat~
Kat <katyana00@yahoo.ca>

i really love all the info you have on sylvia! i have had some poems inspired by syvlia published recently and will link to your site when i revamp my domain.
vamp <vamp@ithereality.net>
boston , massachusetts usa

i really need you to put dream with clam-diggers up on this site because i had to recite it once in 7th grade...haha...not the best one...anyways...i wanna read it somewhere and i need the words, could you please put it up there????
Lauren <punkchicka23@hotmail.com>

Hi! I was fooling around on web,and ma asked me for a favor;she asked if I could find a site about her (also my) fav poet and the woman we appreciated much.I showed this site and I said there you go.She is really amazed and so do I.It's fabolous to see there are many people like you who keeps her memory alive with this fantastic site.Thank you...
zeynep <dandinsevimlidev@hotmail.com>

Syliva Plath: gifted, beautiful, emotional, and underappreciated. I love that so many people have sites devoted to the greatest female (or male!) writer and poet of all time. She is a true inspiration to all writers and poets, though I wouldn't recommend some aspects of her life to most people. I would have loved to meet her; I would have been touched and blessed to do so. I did a poetry project on her in grade school and got 10 percent lower on my grade because her poems were too "morbid." Yes, Edge is a little morbid, but it is still the raw emotion that seperated SP from all of the poets in her time.
iulia <auggie102@aol.com>

I am working on a performance piece based on Sylvia Plath's life and works. If anyone who visits this site is or knows someone who is an expert on SP (i.e. a university professor or biographer), please contact me. I'd really like to discuss ideas I have about SP with someone knowledgeable. Thanks a lot! Hope to hear soon!
Kelly <kelbug19@yahoo.com>

i had no idea so many people have been exposed to sylvia plath. she was an incredibly gifted poet/writer. even her own journals were poetic. it's such a shame that the best always seem to receive their dues, after they're gone. i'm glad there's so many people interested in her work to preserve her writing. i think this is a wonderful site and am very appreciative to the webmaster.
amy <agentx8065@cs.com>

I am only 13 but I can understand most of Sylvia's poems. She uses soo much feeling that I can almost feel the pain when I read her poems. In her poem "Daddy" I am still tryin to understand it. I think she is sayin that her father is the same kind of person her husband, Ted Hughes, was. I am not sure but...I really love her poems and I can associate some of them with feelings I have sometimes. Jennifer Ruch
Jennifer <Candyapple1223@hotmail.com>

For the past few weeks I have been working on a research paper. this page helped to make my research go as fast as possible. it is a great site and it is very informative.
Brandon <Mebad85@hotmail.com>

I have been reading some biographies, letters etc of Sylvia Plath's and it struck me that she might have killed herself because Ted told her that he would not reconcile with her. Has this theory been advanced by anyone?
Rebecca <Hrebwrite@cs.com>
el cerrito, california

Hello, I am the greatest fan of Sylvia Plath in Germany. Well she ended so sad! Greetings from Germany by Klaus Zankl! On my homepage there are some lyrics by me.....
Klaus Zankl <Klaus.Zankl@t-online.de>

Hello, I am the greatest fan of Sylvia Plath in Germany. Well she ended so sad! Greetings from Germany by Klaus Zankl! On my homepage there are some lyrics by me.....
Klaus Zankl <Klaus.Zankl@t-online.de>

Excellent site. The layout is just beautiful. I noticed a link to my Plath's "Essay" page, and have returned the favor. Thanks!
christian m mericle <yada_yada_etc@hotmail.com>
Tucumcari, NM, USA

Your site is really useful and easy to use, I have a link to your site on my online diary. Thanks.
Claire <ineluctablestar@aol.com>

I love your site and have been coming here on and off for about 4 years (is that possible?) Anyway, I just came for the first time since you've got the new layout up (it's been a while since I've been here) and I like it but the writing is so dark on the black background. I would recommend changing it to a lighter color because it's hard to read. Britt
Brittany <princessbritty@yahoo.com>

i love sylvia plath my favorite is lady lazarus does anyone know if its about something impartucular? or if its just symbolic
Molly <blah@antisocial.com>

I had a lucid dream last month that spurred my curiosity about Sylvia Plath. I didn't consciously remember who she was until someone pointed out that she was in my Introduction to Literature book from Eng. 210 a few years back. She has been something of an inspiration for my current poetry and reflects a similar dark mood that makes for the most intense writing that I related to in my own works before I had even learned of her. Thank you for this site. It has provided a myriad of sources to satiate poetic appetite and curiosity.
Bonnie <cancermoonn@yahoo.com>
Alberta, Canada

Is anyone familiar with Sylvia's translations of Rilke? I have only found one poem translated by her- The Prophet. If anyone happens to know more, please email me. Thank you.
Sanja <hendrix_junkie@hotmail.com>

Sylvia Plath's ideas and writings were truly ahead of the times. She was a misunderstood Genious!
Katie Blair

I received Sylvia's abridged journals for Valentine's day and loved it. I just recently bought a copy of the unabridged journals and loved it even more. Sylvia's work, whether taken from her journals or from her poetry, is amazing. Anyone who says Sylvia was crazy or confused is deeply mistaken. We're all a little confused...Sylvia just had the ambition to write about it, to try and understand the beauties of life. She is an inspiring poet.
Burke Brewer <Jewel7462@hotmail.com>
Knoxville, TN

For Elisa : no, trust me. You do NOT want to be inside sylvias head to feel her poems...She didnt even want to be inside her own head . Hence, why she killed herself.
Jen <vinyllip@aol.com>

Great site for knowing Plath! I got on this site because my niece in Singapore asks me about Sylvia's poem "You're". Too bad, I could not find any comments or analysis on this poem. Still, I enjoy this site very much.
Michael Mi <cmi@mail.scu.edu.tw>

This i a very helpful site for finding information
Kim <giddy4smitty@hotmail.com>

this is a great site for an amazing poet!!
talek <talek@self-harm.co.uk>

I have only just discovered sylvia plath, as i am studying her at school, and i really enjoy her poetry, and thanks for having a fantastic site so everyone can enjoy her poetry.
Chris Hankinson <chris_hanki@hotmail.com>
Cambridge, England, UK

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a research question. I'm a Stanford student working with Diane Middlebrook, who wrote the bio of Anne Sexton and now is writing about Plath & Hughes. In Plath's diaries she refers to "Touch-of-genius red" iipstick & I was wondering if anyone knows if there was a company (Revlon, Max Factor, etc) who was making a lipstick by that name in the late fifties. Thanks! By the way, great comprehensive Plath link site!
Jerome Murphy <jerome.murphy.stanford.edu>

I just read The Bell Jar in two days it's so deep I got sort of confused but no doubt it was an extreamly great book. She is the author I am studing for my American Author report because I couldn't bring myself to do a male author like every other Tom Dick and Harry in my class. I appriciate the site I needed some info. Great job. Thanks
Melanie <fern_the_enforcer@hotmail.com>

Ever since 9th grade, I've loved Sylvia Plath's work. Her poetry completely absorbs me, and her novel is one of the three books that changed my life. She is the reason I am an English Lit. major. Sometimes, I read her journals and feel like I am her, like I am the reincarnation of Plath. I relate to her on a purely personal level. Words can't describe how one with her I feel at times. I really respect what you are doing here with this site. It is so difficult to find valid information on, in my opinion, America's most obscure and most deserving poet. Thank you, my kindred, for recognizing a true artist.
Jacklyn <deeplyweepingwillow@hotmail.com>
Northwest Florida

Her poems really inspire alot of people.I like Female Author. She has inspired me to create my own peoms. May God bless her and keep her safe in his arms.
Jahayra D. Pizarro <BoriquaBeba15@yahoo.com>

Sylvia Plath is the reason me and my gf are together--long story but I love Sylvia even more now--anyone who is up for a good reading check out "soft maniacs" by Maggie Estep xoxoxox
kelly <chaosgirl13@aol.com>
orlando fl

Connection got me connected and hooked - lovely poetry - will have many great hours of reading - excellent way of spending idle time. ELM - all inspiring and thank you for such a lekker sight. Far sighted
alfred <alfred.hilton@kpmg.co.za>
south africa

This is such a great site! I am also a Theodore Roethke and Emily Dickinson fan. Aren't they great?
Sasha Hendrickson

just discovered Sylvia Plath...
Geri MacDonald <wgmac@attbi.com>
Tewksbury, MA

i'm glad that this resource is available - i love 'the bell jar', and respect the poetry. have nabbed 'family reunion' for an english assignment about families. ta!!! will link you...
lincoln, england

we'll come again! surprising discovery:) ; can we download the poems and publish them?
Ola <ola_jamroz@yahoo.com>
Utrecht, the Netherlands

I think Sylvia Plath's work is amazing.She is getting her thoughts down in poetry form.Just recently i've started to write poetry about my feelings, and i found that Sylvia's work enspired me to do the same.It's a shame she died so young.God Bless her.

i'm doing a term paper and it's amazing how she's so popular.
Jahayra Pizarro <GsPrincess4Eva@aol.com>

real cool site dudes.. real cool.. u'r really kickin' it
kathleen <blink_182punkchick@hotmail.com>

Sylvia Plath is an astounding poet who deserves recognition such as this. I praise you for such a useful and neat website. I'm recently doing a term paper on Plath's life and I found your site extremely helpful. Thank you.
Therese Sto. Domingo

I love her poetry.She's the only poet who seems as if she had something to say,as a poet.I mean,her feelings are deeply interwoven into the poems,not just her philosophies or something.Even Lewis Caroll,whom I feel I respect on some level is so silly and bizarre I find it sort of not right on.I don't mean to bash poetry/I'm just saying this in terms of my self.What I can understand.I love her work.
Terry Rohm

Emma Smith

Since i first studied Sylvia Plath for my english exam i have admired her. She has the courage to bring certain issues which are commonly experienced but rarely talked about to light.I can relate to some of her poems and she has helped me to deal with stuff through them. She will always be in my head.
Martha <marthaclaire@genie.co.uk>
nr. Edinburgh

Sylvia Plath is the fucking best poet in the whole world, I love her work!
Valerie <rhchicp13@aol.com>

your site is great-perfectly organized, very informative and what I like most about it is that, on this site, sylvia is not presented to people as some crucified, vicimised icon or tortured wife, but as a poet. keep up the good work!
emina <emynah_hanyme@yahoo.com>

I am in the process of recreating the poem "Street Song" into an audio-visual piece of art. Principal photography will start on April 2002 and the final product will be ready (and posted on the web) by the end of May 2002. Please write me an email with any comments you may have. I enjoyed the Site, thanks.
Juan Feldman <juanfeldman@yahoo.com>
Los Angeles, CA

'I refer my hand to her because I know she is the best. No pulling them from thin air, just awakening what was already there Just scraping the them from my chest.' -Ishan
Ishan Reznor <oceanseabreeze@hotmail.com>

Fabulous site about a fabulous author!
Jae Y. <jyhj4eva@hotmail.com>
va, usa

Her work is a scream that e would do well to scream along with.
Basil Simonescu <opheliamarisabelle@hotmail.com>

I would just like to say that i have fallen in love with sylvia plath. she is my inspiration for every poem. i wish that i could have been inside her mind to feel it, whats gong on in there. Love ELisa
Elisa <hole@thefragile.com>

I have fallen in love with Sylvia and have read every work I could find. You have them all very nicely organized and easy to find. Thank you.
Angela <Eternity807@yahoo.com>

Much apreciation to the creator of this sight.
Victoria <tranquility_2001@yahoo.com>
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

good luck!
sandra and hellena <san_ann80@yahoo.com>
kuching sarawak malaysia

cool site, i love sylvias work, i'm in the middle of reading letters home and it's very interesting, her poetry is very inspirational. *glitter*

I thought your original link site was fantastic, but this one is much better in terms of both content & design. This is an excellent academic resource & also simply a pleasure to browse. Thank you! :)
Amanda <pellett@uiuc.edu>

Your site has gotten much better, and I have had it linked to my page on women's literature for years. Thanks for your great work on this site; Sylvia Plath has never gotten the credit she deserved as one of the greatest American poets of all time.
Jen <jenkrobinson2@juno.com>

this is one of the greatest plath sites i have ever viewed! congrats!! she was an amazing writer...someone i totally look up to. she was brutally honest in regards to her thoughts...something that's not always easy to do.
Val <barfie_825@hotmail.com>

This site is so amazing. I look up to Plath like no other and I appriciate that people made this possible

This is a really great site, there are soooo many poems!
Katy <->

thank you so much for a wonderful site devoted to plath. it has helped me immensely in preparation for my english orals. continue the brilliant work; simplistic but functional design that does justice to plath's amazing work.
Delia Regan <underthabelljar@aol.com>
under the bell jar that has decended upon me

I want to commend you on a wonderful and insightful sight. I'm a big Plath fan since I read the Bell Jar 2 years ago, and I think she was an absolutely interesting person who contributed riches to the world of contemporary literature. Your site pays much deserved honor to this literary icon. Thanks for such great work; Keep it up! My best wishes to you always.
Miami Beach, FL

I am doing a research paper on Sylvia she is so facinating. I just wanted to say thank you for this web-site it's the best guide to info on this amazing women I have found yet. Thank you again!

I try to explain the ambivalent relationship between sylvia Plath and her mother ---
Andreas Jacke <a. jacke@gmx.de>

Hey, thank you very much for having this sight, I havebeen looking for more information on Plath and you gave almost everything I couldnt find before. If you could tell me where to find who might have influenced Plath could you please E-mail me at Lovelyface22002@yahoo. com. Thannk you
Jessica <lovelyface22002@yahoo.com>

Ever since we began studying Plath in year 11, i have loved her work. I am now in year 12 and a plath devotee. Thankyou sylvia for your wonderful work.
Emma Osborne <Emma_the_great101@hotmail.com>

I dread this day every year. It's such a shame that Sylvia Plath's genius is so often dismissed, and she as seen merely as a cult icon for the morbid and narcissistic. She may be held in esteem for those reasons by some people, but that does not detract from her amazing insight and talent. February 11th always makes me want to cry. Don't you wonder what would have happened if she had climbed out of the oven? Thank you so much for this wonderful site.
Tara <MartiniTS@aol.com>
Philadelphia, PA

I finally found someone with the words. What a wonderful poet she was.
r.c.hermann <arie_taha@yahoo.com>
always Idaho in my heart USA

hi everyone from Italy !! let's join together just for some minutes in silence... today, in 1963 Sylvia has died. sad day today... love Alfar
alfar <alfar1@supereva.it>

Since I encountered a work by Sylvia Plath when I took my Humanities subject at the University of the Philippines, I don't know but I kind of dragged my carcass to the library and read a lot of her works. I wish to have a copy of the complete works of Sylvia Plath but the library's isn't complete. May I ask the owner of this fabulous site or anyone to email me the complete works of Sylvia Plath in document form to my email address. I would appreciate it muchly. Thanks a lot.
Alden <mistronofangst@hotmail.com>
Manila, Philippines

I think I may be the reincarnation of Sylvia Plath. I like your site.
Chris Dubey <Cloudkoi@aol.com>

since i first found out about sylvia, i have been very much intrigued by her work and her life. thank you for inspiring me further still with her amazing contributions to this world.

hey, i absolutely love your site, but i was curious as to whether or not Plath ever won awards or honored for her work. if anyone could get back to me ASAP i would GLADLY appreciate it. this is for a school project so if you could help i would be eternally greatful (or until h.s. is over! lol)
Dolwen <dolwen2002@yahoo.com>


Excellent site - haven't been through a lot of it yet, but it is an amazing resource!
Alison Huftalen

I just read about this amazing person today, and i am totally amazed about this person. she lived an incrediable life and i would like to thank the people who made this web site so i could further explore Syvlia and her poetry. thank you so much

A most resourceful site . . . Thanks to individuals like you Plath will be immortal, as she should be. A true genius. Hope to see you at my site. Julie (The Muse)
Julie <proserhythm@yahoo.com>

great site! plath is my favourite american poet of all time!! *glitter*
talek <talek@self-harm.co.uk>
united kingdom

I really hate that in alot of ways plath is "the forgotten genious of poetry" or at least I have noticed that she is.This site is great..I am amazed at the time,acknowledgeme,nt and dedication you have put into it..Right on!..keep it up!
Jen <pollyjeanismybeautyqueen@yahoo.com>
In my head,Florida

I am flabbergasted.It makes me happy knowing that to some people she wont be forgotten.
Jen <pollyjeanismybeautyqueen@yahoo.com>
In my head,Florida

Really beautiful site, very comprehensive as well.
manchester, england

My literature class at school was asked to research Sylvia Plath's biography. I think this is one of the best web pages to find out about Sylvia Plath and her work. I think she's a great poetess. I like that her poems are all dark and depressing. They remind me of myself.
Marina <hifrommarina@hotmail.com>

this is the best plath site i've ever been to. whats with the "Fan" section. i want it to work!
katie <Unicornpowerkr@hotmail.com>

This is such a great site. Sylvia Plath was one, if not the, best poet of all time. I'm so glad I found this site.
Jane <Ooooooohshiny@aol.com>
Detroit, Michigan

Nikolas Rodriguez
Manassas, VA

hey Emily.. great work on this site. but i must say that if you included a biography of Plath it would be 100% then.. but hey.. it still is great!!
Mustafa <godzilla320@hotmail.com>

just want to say love this website.Its a great tribute to a brilliant poet.Many may not like or understand Plath's work but to me and others who visited this website wil apreciate her work.at the moment i am working on an assignment about Plath and this has helped alot.tanx:)
Nicola <nicolamcollins@eircom.net>

I chose Sylvia Plath as my author for my English 3 report so I could learn about her interesting life and this site has helped me a lot. Thank you.
AJ Boddie <AJB014@aol.com>

Taking a break from school, I've been browsing the poems and articles while simultaneously listening to the Sylvia Plath track by Ryan Adams, which only adds to the beauty of her works. Thanks for what you've done on this site. You should venture into maybe adding some articles from her unabridged journals? They're equally inspirational to her poetry. Thanks again, i'll be visiting often
Catherine Daubenspeck <in_limbo11@hotmail.com>
Central Pennsylvania

plaths poetry is crap
clifford o ciardha <cliffycarey@hotmail.com>
co.cork youghal

I love Sylvia Plath's work, and I have never found a site that has all her poetry...until this site! Thanks
kim harden <succulent_peaaches@msn.com>
Arizona, USA

It started out as a term paper topic and developed to a personal infatuation of her poetry. My ignorance depletes with every reading of her life. Thankyou
Reed Hopkins <HopkinsW@fuma.org>
Raleigh, NC

it was almost by an accident that i read ariel by sylvia. that one poem made all the difference, thanks for giving a collection of her works
reji thomas <rejithomas_d1@rediffmail.com>

Thanks for giving space to Sylvia Plath's wonderful work. Thanks for keeping her poetry alive. She really deserves it.
Fabrizio Accatino <fabrizioaccatino@libero.it>
Torino, Italy

Thank you so much for your fantastic website. My daughter had homework to do - writing a poem in the style of Sylvia Plath based on Morning Song - and we did not have a copy of the poem in the house. Thank goodness we found it on your site. We shall be visiting again to read more of her wonderful poems.
Lesley Webster <lesleyegg@hotmail.com>
Sheffield, England

Your site is absolutly incredible. I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but keep it up! Plath has been one of my favorite writers since I was in 7th grade and I just wanted to say thanks for this!
Carolyn <onebootiearmy@hotmail.com>
New York

beautfiful site, the best plath site i have seen-- any plath fans feel free to email me=also check out my website to view my artwork let me know what u think
kelly brown <chaosgirl13@aol.com>
orlando fl

This was a very helpful site, as I was researching materials for Bernard Quetchenbach. I was able to help Bernard. Thank you.
Caadraam Prueniclhly <n\a>

Hi there, I just wanted to let u know that I have linked 2 ur page on my site, as I have a small Sylvia Plath site with some extracts from her poems. If you don't want me 2 link to ur site (the link is on my SP page) then please let me know. thanks alot. Keep up the good work. From Angharad.
Norwich, uk

Excellent Site. Loved it. You really have to hear the track SYLVIA PLATH by Ryan Adams. http://ubl.artistdirect.com/store/artist/album/0,,1556049,00.html It's legendary.
Southern Bell <http://ubl.artistdirect.com/store/artist/album/0,,1556049,00.html>

Where was this tremendous site all this time?!! I literally worship Plath ever since I read some of her poems early last year. She is the greatest poet in my eyes - an inborn genius nipped in the bud. I bought most of her books from the States last summer and they are my prized possessions! Just one suggestion Emily, setting up a Plath picture page would be great! It would add some visual flavor to this already stellar site - your diligence reeks!! Keep it up:)
Omar S.

This is a GREAT site...it has been so helpful to me and very easy to use...i will be ocming back!!
Lindsay <MixieLin@yahoo.com>

lovely site! I shall return!
stockholm, sweden

I've been looking for "The Bell Jar" the movie. But I've had no luck finding it. Any Ideas?
Michael <in2theBellJar@aol.com>
Philadelphia, PA

Good design, great site, amazing poet!
Ralph Moeritz <ladylazarus@webmail.co.za>
Margate, South Africa

a beautiful site, for a beautiful woman. Wonderful work. I am currently reading Sylvia's biography and have almost all her poetry books out. She is a spectacular woman, and i would like to thank you for putting this website together.
Kim <kym911@hotmail.com>
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

great site! it really helped me a lot completing my knowledge about this wonderful poet.
Roxana <roxana_iuliana@hotmail.com>

Sylvia is my heroine!! I can never know enough about her. Unfortunately, your site was not working when I logged on tonight. I am anxious to see what you have compiled. Please email me and let me know when you're up and running!
Bobbie Fischer <walkermist@aol.com>
Orlando, FL

Am waiting with bated breath for this site to be complete
McQueen <McQueen29@hotmail.com>

great site!! keep up the good work!! i'm doing research for a paper and your site helped out a lot...thanks.... :)
nicole <walkthisway01@hotmail.com>

great site.. I would love to be added to the contact list of Sylvia fans and friends! :)
Angela Wegznek <maggiethecat57@hotmail.com>
Washington DC - USA

Nice job Emily! Thank you for this unique and innovative Sylvia resource!!!
justin b. <pitchfork14@earthlink.net>

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