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this site is fantastic. its good to know that i wasnt the only 16 year old reading about sylvia.this site has been very useful for me. keep up the good work, you're doing a great job right now.
leslie <ms raven713@aol.com>
los angeles, CA

i dont even knoe what this site is about good design though.... i like the colors and simplicity
mans0n <manson@depressing.org>

This is a wonderful site dedicated to a wonderful writer. Keep up the excellent work! PS: To iamalive@hotmail.com - U R sick! Peace, MuSe
Margaret C. Rigsby <museheart@excite.com>

Yo, if anyone wants to get together ever to talk about Sylvia Plath or poetry in general, I'm always looking...I go to school at Smith, so there are a lot of fanatics around me all the time, but I have yet to find someone as into Sylvia's poems as I am. This is not a macabre fascination, as I tend to celebrate her work more than focus on her suicide. But I really do love her, and know perhaps a little too much, so any dialogue is apprecited. Let me know! Maggie "Perfection is terrible, it cannot have children."
Maggie <mhalley@smith.edu>
NYC/ Smith college

great site, great writer!
yali <yaelde@bgumail.bgu.ac.il>

The Greatest tribute to the Greatest poet of all time.

i'm in awe at plath's words. it's such beauty. thank you.
lindsey <divy@airmail.net>

I am moved everytime I read The Bell Jar. I feel connected to that soul and it's haunting.
Lori <gavintiegirl@mindspring.com>
Atlanta, Georgia

Nice. Can't wait till all the poems are up. Thanks. "How I wish I had a Sylvia Plath, Busted tooth and a smile..." -Ryan Adams

Beautiful site for a beautiful poet.

I absolutely adore your site! I am a huge Sylvia Plath fan; committed much of "The Bell Jar" to memory and studied her complete biography. I had no idea what a profound impact she would have on my life, but after reading about her, the similarities are uncanny. Since I am an actress, I've used and will continue to use much of her words when accessing a myriad of emotions. From someone that mourns her death each and every day, thank you!
Nancy P. <mysteriouseskimo@aol.com>

Being a poet, I remember the first time I read Sylvia's novel,"The Bell Jar",in my teens. I remember wanting to find out everything I could about her and her poetry.That was over 20 years ago and the drama of her words and life continue to intrigue and draw me in.
Isis277 <Isis277@aol.com>

A very interesting site. I find Slyvia Plath fascinating. Thanks for putting this site together.
Roland Joy <singledad57@cs.com>
Dalton, Ga.

Sylvia Plath has been my favorite poet for years, and, as someone who has suffered from depression myself, The Bell Jar made me feel less alone in my struggles. I was wondering (I have looked for years) does anyone have access to Sylvia's "Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams." The closest I ever got to reading it was only in an excerpt in a book of Boston poets. Is there somewhere online where I could get the full text, or is it possibly in a collection of stories in a book somewhere?
Amanda <skywalker_jedi8@hotmail.com>

howdy plath ppl! well im doing a solo drama performance on syliva. from your great site i got some great photos to help me on her apperance and stance. but i despretly need photos of her standing or even some vision of her walking. anything would be good. so if anyone could email me site names or photos or any other refferances that would be good. soon would be great but anytime will do. thanks always love dallas*
DALLAS <dancing_queen_dec@hotmail.com>

Am learning about her !!
Peter Huw Tasker <tarian@amtelecom.net>
Ontario, Canada.

Very nice website. Very easy to use and I love that it's loaded with content. I was only checking for websites on Sylvia Plath. Bravo!
rey <doreymon@earthlink.net>
sf ca USA

Dude,...there is a misprint in your copy of "The Rival",... It is not: "The moon too abuses her subjects..." It is: "The moon too ABASES her subjects,..." Thank You soooo much this site helped me for my research paper and made me a big fan of sylvia plath! Thanks again!
Kayla <kaykay2415@aol.com>

thanks so much for this site, it's so wonderful. i have a link on it from my site. thanks again.
alex <ducky300@hotmail.com>

Hey there! Great site! It is full of useful information, and I especially like how you took the time to put all of Sylvia's poems onto the site. A little hard to describe here, but I am just blown away by your hard work and effort. By the way, I also enjoyed your poem for Sylvia. Very good! Keep up the great work!!! Love the site!
Andrea <Gabey710@aol.com>

An incredible site!I have been a scholar of S. Plath for 29 years ever since a teacher blessed me with a first print copy of "Ariel" As a writer and a woman suffering from emotional demons herself,I have found in Sylvia a sister of the soul.This is the only site I use when I need Sylvia for solace and inspiration,and a reason to go on. Thank You so much for a beautiful and masterful sourcefor all things Sylvia! Love- Karen MIchelle Wagnerxoxo
Karen Michelle Wagner <PLojo66@aol.com>
Ocean Grove,N.J.

your site is fantastic. =)
new jersey

I also suffer with depression and write my own poems. Sylvia is awesome
Lindsey Townson <rhscheerchik182@aol.com>
Georgia, USA

I too suffer from depression, but by reading Sylvia's poems I have now found a way of dealing with it. I write, anything but I write. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it dont.
Christine Harris <qshealer@hotmail.com>
Melbourne Victoria Australia

I was quite impressed with your very comprehensive website dedicated to Sylvia Plath. This is without a doubt, the best website I have yet to see on her life, writing, and times. Have a good one and take care.
Celest Covax <celestc@planetout.com>
Virginia Beach, VA

We love sylvia Plath.Her Poems are mind blowing and i cant get enough of her! We love her poem mushrooms and mirror
Holly and Gemma

I love sylvia. The thing is though I think u are all warped in the mind! why cant u all die. is actually the last words of sylvia, which I believe really relates to Daddy and how the tragedy of losing such a talented poet.
george lucas <james@hotmail.com>

i first learnt about silvia when i had to do a research paper my junior year in hs on my icon. it is amazing that silvia's life was so different from anything ive ever heard of. i love her work especially her poems mirror and elm. those are my favorite may her soul rest in eternal peace in loving memory of my icon silvia plath
nalini deonarine <gtsmartgyal15@aol.com>
queens new york

Plath is an amazingly talented writer and she has that unique ability to shock with her poems - I'm keep my eyes out for a book. She's already an influence on my poems.

i first came across Sylvia Plath whilst in an english language lesson a few years ago, The Bell Jar seemed like the most truth i'd ever known in my life. Plath's writing has inspired me greatly, both in my own writing technique and the way i percieve the world around me. Before coming on this site i'd come across little of her poems, so its very nice to find so large a collection on here! Lena x

Fantastic ! By far the most comprehensive and well laid out site on Plath available. Congrats!!!

I'm just getting into Plath's work now, I fell in love after hearing "Mad Girl's Love Song" read by a classmate in my English class. I do not have an opinion formed yet of the rest of her poetry, and I haven't read The Bell Jar yet, but thank you for providing a site where I can research this poet who is still yet mysterious to me.
Michelle <dirty_schoolgirl@punkrocker.net>

I chose to do my drama SA on 'tragic heroes' on Sylvia Plath. This was the first I had ever heard of her and i am a big fan of poetry. Her poetry is superb and incredibly deep. Wow...a fantastic website.
Ashlee Carrigan

I have always been caught dead center with both loving and hating Sylvia's work. One thing I know without a doubt, I respect her more than any other writer for no matter how dark, gruesome and depressed I have felt in my life ( i have always been winter, never spring) I have never been able to pinpoint and express EXACTLY how i feel. Sylvia had this gift of "up in your face brutality" about the blackhole she was falling into. You knew PRECISELY how she felt. She is able to drop your emotions into the darkness with her. That is an art. Anyone who can change you instantly from happiness to sadness the content of their feelings is somewhere close to God. She was DARK,POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL in her oblivion. And though people can say "oh poor thing, she needed help, what a shame" we must remember...she wanted to die. She left a legacy and she left. Had she not left us, would there be a "Sylvia Plath?" I think she knew this, not to say she died to become famous, but i think she dies to let people know we're not all Polly Anna's just because you are attracted to and in emotional pain, it doesn't mean you're "not alright..lets give her some Lithium and make a smiley faced Robot out of her." It simply means you are able to do what you want with your life, yes, even take it.
Melanie <jordancharm@aol.com>

Finally, a website where I'm not considered the least bit odd for having a role model who committed suicide at 31. I love this place.
Jane <ooooooohshiny@aol.com>
Detroit, Michigan

Plath is one of the few contemporary poets who "speaks" to me personally. I believe she would want to be remembered as a great writer, not a tragic victim.

yeah, man, i love this site, i am the true fist of the north star...
acid <barcode@hotmail.com>
in a bowl of custard

What a wonderful website, Plath`s work is the most amazing there is. I don`t just read her work, I absorb it and breathe it. Its great to see so many other people discovering it. Please continue the good work, I shall be returning frequently to check the updates and reread my favourites. (at the mo - Cut!) I will be starting a research project into the possibilty and credibilty of translation of her work into French and Japanese. Does anyne else have interests in this area? It`s a fascinating area of linguistics and it will help me delve even deeper into her poems. Please continue your literay discoveries, especially students, you have a marvellous opportunity to study.

this might seem a strange request but do you think it would be possible to have a random poem chooser on the poem section. just a button you could press, because i prefer to just dip into writings when i want to so having a random song chooser would help
John <sonof_ozzy@hotmail.com>

I am writing a play about Sylvia Plath. I am adapting some of her journals and the bell jar. If anyone has any suggestions on what I shouldn't forget, feel free to email me. She is such a profound being that I feel there is a need for a piece of theatre dedicated to her.
Adriana <adjiidoll@aol.com>
New Jersey

I teach Plath to my S5/6 Higher students. The essays are a very useful teaching tool, and I shall suggest all the pupils use the library and visit this site.
Julie Adams <Julie.Adams@hcs.uhi.ac.uk>

This is very helpful for our project. I want to be just like Sylvia Plath (minus the whole suicide thing)
Rm 202

i would like to ask when we will see new updates here... and just congratulations for this extraordinary site!! alfar, Florence, Italy
ALFAR <alfar1@supereva.it>

Great info!
Tricia <patricia_o_donnell@hotmail.com>
Dublin, Ireland

Your site enabled me to deepen my intriguing poetic senses. Sylvia Plath was truly a remarkable and revolutionary poet and remains my favourite. There are still some poems which have not been put up on the site yet. Any plans to update it?
Shalini <drsnailz@yahoo.com>

Sylvia Plath is a beautiful writer, expressive and descriptive. Most of all she related herself. In the book "the Bell Jar" that I have read too many times to count, she says things periodically that are mind blowing, real, profound, and blunt statements that pull me in everytime.

Sylvia will always be remembered she is very talented and is sad she had to let it go.
Yvette Carvalho

What a great site. A Plath fan could ask for nothing more. Great job. By the way, isn't 'Daddy' amazing?
Emma <Emma_the_Great101@hotmail.com>

quality site, 4 real. she was a very intelligent woman innit. all great people die young, or so it seems 2 me...
nilis <surrealistpoet@hotmail.com>
in that cave from 'The Lost Boys'

After viewing this site, I have developed a deep hatred for anything and everything sylvia plath. I personally despise her writing and think she did a favor to her offspring by disposing of herself before corrupting their worlds. But the poem daddy is pretty cool because she rips on that heartless bastard. She looks like my teacher.
Novi, MI

plath rediscovered. thank you.

Brilliant and beautiful site (only a little deppressing).
Ryan <rayn66@aol.com>
Colorado, USA

thanks this site is great it has been really helpful for a presentation im doing and it makes me love her work even more -charlotte Dori
charlotte dori <strawbheryfeilds@yahoo.com>

i would like it if you could e-mail about the medallion. I would like to know if you think the "medallion" is a real snake- a necklace,a broach or even a hinge of gate. Thanks.
ollie <oilyweasel@fsmail.net>

sylvia was a giant and when I read The bell jar or a poetry of this woman I always find a new aspect. Elisabetta
elisabetta pecchioli <elisabetta63@interfree.it>
sesto fiorentino italy

I really enjoyed the website and thank you for acknoledging such a great and talented author whose life was prarised yet trageicly ended too soon.
Adia <disco2blue@aol.com>

Thank you so much for putting this site up. It was the only site I could find that helped me at all. I have to do a presentation about Plath tomorrow at school and I was wondering if you had any idea what her style of writing is. From what I've read I can say that her style is something I've never come across before. She's made her poems sound like she is mad at everything and that there is very little she finds beautiful. If you could give me your view on what you think her kind of writing style is that would be great. Thanks again. This site was a great help.

Thanks for putting up this website. I found it really helpful when I had to write a report on a famous author. I'm only in 10th grade it and I understood everything. I didn't know anything about Sylvia Plath, except for the fact that she killed herself, and now I know much more than that. I'm in the middle of reading The Bell Jar right now and I can hardly put it down. If anyone has any suggestions on other books by her, please feel free to e-mail them to me. Thanks again!
amanda <sugarbabie3721@kiwibox.com>

i thoughly enjoyed the fact that you have all the poems i needed to gety for my lit project and now i plan to buy a collection of Plath's poetry, however it has been greatly dicouraging to find that the amount of info you have available on her life is all in form of books that i must buy. i feel now that i will have to buy them for the rest of the sites have pathetic info and mainly have opinions. nonetheless thank you for having the poems readily available for me and my lit project.
michigan [usa]

I have been into Sylvia Plath since i was 14. She was a wonderful and talented writer. yours is the most complete web page on to her i have ever found. i absolutley love it. good job, Echo Nicholle
Echo Ward <isadora_fairborne@yahoo.com>
Sacremento, CA

I am doing a report on Sylvia Plath and so far your site has given me more help than all the others put together... Thank you....However I am in need of a in depth discription of her death, and a copy of her suicide note if at all possible. If anyone knows where I can find this please email me... thank you
Bina <insaneflame69@hotmail.com>

finially a web site that has more of Plath's literary accomplishments than her biography. Sometimes i wonder if people even know what she wrote...everyone seems to know her story butvery few know her poetry anymore...thank you
Ravel <born2beanartist@hotmail.com>

nice site, great to find so much of her work in one spot. ill be linking you on my site. i suggest taking the border off your table... personally i think that would look better. If you ever need help with web design or graphics let me know.
arianna <arianna@greyareas.org>

if anyone would like to talk to my from the dead, or talk to me about my entries just write me at sylviaplath69@hotmail.com I am so used to writing i am alive that i have accidently put it into the E-Mail section... Please everyone write me write me write me Sylvia Plath....
Sylvia Plath <iamalive@hotmail.com>

You wicked old witch, why didn't you eat Hansel no you shoved me into the dark, gassy oven. WHHY let me out I cry, booohoooo hoooo. Oh the gas is burning my nose. feeling my lungs i am now nothing more than a cooked turkey.... my fans I leave you once again do to the fact Elvis has left me, and I have once again lost the path to freedom. I cooked our Hound Dog first but now onto rack in the giant pot I must go.. To you weirdo's who find my poetry wonderful and encouraging to be freaks please don't cook me.. LOOK AWAY,...... LEAVE this place and forget me not. in your heart keep a place. I had to do this I ran out of Tylonal and the nick channel made my head pound. I must die again.... OHHHHHHHHhhh the pain....
Sylvia Plath <iamalive@hotmail.com>

To my dearest fans, and my beloved daddy. I write to see just how you have been, and I looked forward to comming back into the society that I had once forgotten. I have been in hidding with Elvis now for many years, and I have thought of nothing but telling of my many adventures to my fans. I once lost my way, but today I have found my true path because I am Plath, Sylvia Plath. I have now decided where I belong is with the traveling Elvises. On stage with my beloved. I leave you now here with my last words before I go THANK YOU VERY MUCH UH HUH UH HUH. I know that you are my devoted fans, and for that I thank you all and leave you with these wonderful,beautiful web pages about me. To Tina Bina I leave to you all the fortunes that my dear, true hearted poems could ever bring. Sylvia has left the building..... UH HUH UH HUH!!!!
Sylvia Plath <iamalive@hotmail.com>

I am currently doing my research on the reception of Sylvia Plath's poetry in the Serbo-Croatian speaking area. Are there any magazines thet might be interested in publishing my study? Best
Aleksandra <alexmontenegro@cg.yu>

I was hoping to come here to get love is a parallax, and the link does not work!! =( If anyone has it, could they send it?
xamyx <alwayspersonc@yahoo.com>

your site is amazing! Thank you so much for like posting all of the poems! That's awsome! Keep up the great work!! Love, Nichole
Nichole <rhiannon_maeva@hotmail.com>
the US

hey.. dang this is a really good site.. nice layout and all that... keep up the good work.... like it a lot.. k.. bye!
janina wadea <inyourdreams@hotmail.com>

I'm doing a school project for my Reading and English classes.I need to know five interesting facts about you. If you would please answer this.My project is due in one week.Thank you
Amanda Bruening <NancyNorbest28@aol.com>

I'm utterly obsessed with Sylvia Plath! I think she's a great poet and I'd like to talk about her with people who love her as much as I do!
irene <irek1973@libero.it>

so this website will never be "complete"? what a waste of internet space.
kait <voodoowinter@aol.com>

when i first heard of sylvia plath i honestly had never heard of her before. all i did was pick her out of a list of poets to do a paper on. after a lot of reading and a lot of researchig on her i have come to find that we have a bit in common. we both think he had a rough life and tried to end it a few times, only she succeeded. she is an extrordanay poet and was probably a very interesting person. i wish i had lived in her time period so that i could have met her but i wasnt born then. i love her books and poems about real life.
cera <serasafari@aol.com>

I discovered plath´s poetry recently, however i must say i like it very much... This page is one of my prefered at the moment not only about plath, but in general websites.
Contrast <ama-no-uzume@poetic.com>
lisbon, portugal

Wonderful website! Very, very useful. It's at the top of my favourites list. Sylvia was an amazing writer, and she definitely carries on a legacy.
Kimberly <deus3xmach1na@aol.com>
South Carolina

Great site, helped for an assignment i had-where i had to compare one of Sylivia Plath's poems to the novel we had read in class "Catcher of the Rye", her poems are complicated in its own unique way, something that i realize and take advantage of and study.
R.P. <paccy11@hotmail.com>

I love Sylvia Plath's work. She is just the most fantastic poet! Lady Lazarus is just the best!!!
Elsje Matthee <elsjem@yahoo.co.uk>
South Africa

i just want to say thanks... i love sylvia
astarti <astartisipsi@hotmail.com>
paralimni cyprus

i just want to say thanks
astarti <astartisipsihotmail@com>

Love the site. A lot of time obviously went into this and all the text within these pages. Someone just introduced this wonderful site and poetry to me. My favourite: I Am Vertical - http://www.plathonline.com/poems/Vertical.html Keep up the incredible work here!
Lisa <RichardDawsonFan@aol.com>
Maryland, USA

Thank you for keep such a well-organized site. It is helpful for enjoyment and insight.
Kristin <Kritter868@aol.com>
New Engalnd

hi, thank you for maintainig such a helpful and well-organised site. it helped me to get immediate access to poems i need to focus on in my american poetry class on monday. hopefully, your site will be cherished by a growing number of plath readers and plath enthusiasts. best wishes
nico <wuenschenswert@gmx.de>

I'm very impressed of your site, the layout and design is perfect and the information is even better. Thanks :)
Andre <Tempo-Man@gmx.net>

I think dat Sylvia Plath was a baller! She was a gr8 gurl who had a lot but in da end she stuck her head in da oven ;0!! I'm glad i had da chance to learn about her she was a inspirasion....luv lacuenta kisses and hugs!! last night i inspired ur mom
Lacuenta Thompson <ghettogurl336@hotmail.com>
The D~!

Hi, I 'm goimg to London next week and I'd like to know where Sylvia Plath lived. I 'm going to write my final written report on her and so I would like to gather more peronal impressions. Anyway I really feel strongly connected to her whole attitude, I love "The bell jar". i would be very happy if you could help in one way or the other... Thanks,Anja Lange
Anja Lange <anjalange@hotmail.com>
dortmund, Germany

I've just become a father and I half remembered the idea of a poem by SP I'd studied at school 20 years ago; a single phrase suddenly made sense when I saw my wife get up to feed our son; "cow heavy". With the help of your search facility I found the poem. 20 years ago the poem didn't really connect: today it moved me greatly. Thanks
Phil Reedman

Great side....it's been indispensible when working on a SP-project in English class. I love that so much poetry is available....Lady Lazarus is my favourite!!!
Benedicte <bend85@online.no>

I think Daddy and Mad Girl's Love Song are just amazing...
Samantha <flametail13@netscape.net>

I never knew how interesting Sylvia Plath could possibly be until I found this astonishing website profiling her.

Your site is a lot of hard work. I found it very interesting, but above all useful. I love it :)
gabie <anon>

hi. great site. i refer to it all the time. i just wanted to let you know that i have added your site as a link to my webpage. pls let me know if this is a problem.
lorna <deepthoughts at earthlink.net>

i used to have a stereo-typical view of poets, poetry and people who read it until i listened to jim morrison and the doors and read sylvia plath at a friends house. e-mail me...
electric poet <digitaldatathief@hotmail.com>

gorgeous site.

The Bell Jar, Lady Lazarus, Tulips, Sheep in Fog, Morning Song...
Rebecca Jane Sanford <mermaidrjs@aol.com>
New York City

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