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to AOIFE: IT IS not A POEM BY SYLVIA PLATH THE ONE U TELL OF.. IT IS BY Rudyard Kipling. KISSES. ALEX, Florence, Italy. Poetess. and Plath's follower for years. know EVERYTHING ABOUT HER.
ALEX <alfar1@supereva.it>
florence, italy

Your site is very useful and nice designed. Greetings.
diseņo web Barcelona <info@edgpublicitat.net>

I'm looking for the name of one of her poems - I can only remember a couple of words from the peopm... "If you can hold your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, if you can trust yourself then all men doubt you yet make allowance for their doubting too..." Any takers?!

i love sylvia plath! she was such a great author and poet!!
candice <redluvsgreen_2004@hotmail.com>
burl ia usa

I just want to say how great your site is really. I hope you are not forced to take the poems offline. And keep it up.

A superb site - the links to commentary are particularly welcome.
JK <kusmierc@illinoisalumni.org>

i became a fan of sylvia plath's writing after i read the two poems "cut" and "years". they had alot of impact and meaning for me, as cliched as it sounds, they really touched me. the only good thing i ever got out of my english class this year was the knowledge of synthia plath....thanks for running this great site, its exposed me to even more of her writing and her life.

I love her sensitive....... She still lives......in my heart.
A l i C j A

hi i am doing project on Sylvia Plath i need a story of her called Initiation is any one know where can i find it on the Internet to read it if you know this please e-mail me the Adress my e-mail is olegii@yahoo.com
oleg <olegii@yahoo.com>
rochester NY

I think sylvai's poems are really cool and I wish she were still alive today to write more
david manalatos <yourmonkeyman05@yahoo.com>
Ordway, Colorado

help! i need to create a thesis comparing and/or contrasting the poetry of Sylvia Plath, from any collection, to her novel, The Bell Jar. I'm so stuck! The paper only needs to be about 6 pages, so the topic doesnt have to be too indepth, but i need to fill the space. I am newly acquainted fan of her work and want that to be clear in my writing. Please help me if ya can!
lisa <emorriso@cc.edu>

I need help interpretating Black Rook in Rainy Weather,
Bob <Hockjock2@aol.com>

thanks for this site it really helped locating the information i needed on sylvia for my reaserch paper!
rosa <rosita802@yahoo.com>

I adore Sylvia Plath, and your site is amazing. I took the Plath Poem quiz and got the results of my favorite poem - "mirror". Excellent, wonderful site!
Neona <spasticbean@hotmail.com>

wow, the organization is pretty impressive. I really enjoyed this site. My english teacher refered me to it. I guess i'll have to thank him for it.
Arthur <swat_mp5@specialoperations.com>
Saginaw, MI, USA

Fantastic source of information! The quality of this website is of an extremely high standard - way above many of the other numerous Sylvia Plath sites. It has provided great insight for me into Plath's work and has been an invaluable research aid for my special study. A million thank you's!
Gemma <missthing76@hotmail.com>
York, UK

Your site is great, Emily - I am currently at university and in the middle of an assignment on Sylvia Plath's 'The Bell Jar', and your site has helped tremendously.
Sarah <sarah_marmalade@hotmail.com>
Queensland, Australia

I enjoy this poetry greatly! Thank you so much for this user-friendly site!
Beth <mousie152@hotmail.com>
New York NY USA

I have been a fan of sylvia since I was fifteen and am now twenty-three and am still fasinated by her brutal honesty and her brilliance. Sylvia Plath is humanity in it's darkest, most pure of forms. She is reality, void of ommisions and with all of the make-up removed. Her bravery should give strength to all young women and aspiring writers. Thank you for such an informative site.
Crystal <methodtothemadness2002@yahoo.com>

Thank you fro developing this site. This site will help me with me research project. Maybe you can creat a site on me too!??
Roland <romeo_reb@yahoo.com>

Hey guys, Sylvia Plath sucks.
Amy Wenner
New Hampshire

I really love learning and I spent my whole weekend at your website because I found it so so so interesting! Keep up the great work! I hope to be the next Slyvia Plath, you go girl!
Devaron Davis
Wentzville Missouri

This is a great site. Well organized. I don't really know what to say about Sylvia Plath...she's amazing. Her poetry has inspired and touched me in a variety of ways...and I wasn't acuainted with it until recently. I suggest that people read as much as they can that she has written...if anyone has any information about Sylvia's life that they'd like to e-mail me...perhaps a short biography, that'd be awesome. Otherwise, I'll just look it up myself. Haha. Whatever works. Later days everyone.
Alissa. <LaVieEstBelle333@aol.com>

I would like to know if Sylvia & Ted really had divorced?? If so then why did he have all the rights to her works??? Also what happened to Frieda an Nicholas?? Expiring minds want to know
joan <aztrouble_@msn.com>

cool website
bd40476 <bd40476@lycos.co.uk>

u need to give some critical analysis of poems in more detail
andy wright
south east antrim

This poetry is music to my ears. Thank you
Bonita Ferus <bonitamf@unm.edu>
Albuquerque, NM

Great site you have there, Emily! Lana: the poem "How it is", by Maxine Kumin is about Anne Sexton, after her suicide, not SP. You'll find a stanza (I suppose the entire poem is not in the Net) here: home.earthlink.net/~dwprof/dadshirt.pdf
Arlindo Correia <arlindo@arlindo-correia.com>
Lisbon, Portugal

Does anyone have a copy of Maxine Kumin's poem tribute to Sylvia Plath "How It Is" or know of a website where I could obtain it? Thanks, Lana
Lana <alayers@earthlink.net>

Ive been a frequent visitor of this webiste for a few years now. Thank you so much.
Linda <victoria_lucas@hotmail.com>

wow, great site! i was able to find good information on Sylvia Plath, and the site is very user friendly. some FAQ's that you might use are very simple - to people that stumbled across this site and know nothing about her - Who is Sylvia Plath? I knew nothing about Sylvia Plath until about a month ago when my English teacher told our class about her. I think that the message would be to expose more young people to her writing, and PLEASE do not mention that she lived during the 60's! that would just turn me off to even thinking about reading her writing, as most young people are disgusted by the 60's in general (well, at least me).
Megan M. Farmer <epitah_for_the_soul@yahoo.com>

I would like to contact Frieda Hughes because I wrote an article on her paintings and poetry. Could she contact me or does someone know her email? I would also like to find out about a poster Sylvia had of Isis --Magnae Deorum Matris Apuliana Descriptio. Thanks. Liana
Liana Sakelliou <lsakel@enl.uoa.gr>
Athens, Greece

I am looking for a poster of Isis that Sylvia Plath owned and was photographed with. In the poster Isis is presented in her Roman attire and there is much Latin writing. I do not need that specific one but one like it would be fine. Any suggestions? email me at lsakel@enl.uoa.gr. thanks
Liana Sakelliou <lsakel@enl.uoa.gr>
AThens, Greece

i used this site as help for my term paper, thank you
davey k

hello. this site is very pretty. i love the colors, font, etc. well done.

We shall board our imagined ship and wildly sail among sacred islands of the mad 'till Death shatters the fabulous stars and makes us real. My favourite quote, I've known it since I was 15, now I'm 20.
Melanie <Plath2003@aol.com>

You're site has been of great help to me. I am doing a research paper on Plath concerning her personal suffering as illustrated in her poetry. If you have any personal comments on "Arrival of the Bee Box" I would love to hear them. Thanx.
Lori <symbolicdreamer@aol.com>

I have enjoyed your site thoroughly. I am having to do a term paper of some sorts on Sylvia Plath and your website has been extremely helpful. Great work. From what I have learned about Plath, I love her.
Meagan <meaghan2004@hotmail.com>

Plath is one of the great booming voices of the 20th century. Her poetry is nearly without peer. And this is the best site on her & her work I've ever seen. I've already told various friends about it. Keep up the good work.
Jason Cooper <resurgence27@hotmail.com>

I just wanted to recommend the new Ted Hughes biography to all Plath fans. This is perhaps the best, closest and most honest and unflinching look at their relationship to date. It also directly contradicts much of Anne Stevenson's "Bitter Fame" (which I hated, by the way. Never has a biographer disliked their subject so much).
laura <lauradawn@mac.com>

This is a wonderful site. I just started reading Slyvia Plaths work this year and she has quickly become one of my favorite writers.
Louie <slave718@aol.com>

I greatly appreciate this site- thank you so very much for putting it together. I adore Sylvia Plath and therefore am very thankful for having the opportunity to view her collection of poetry all on one site. I only wish you would change the background and the color of the script into something easier to spend time looking at. Thank you either way for keeping this site running.

thanks you guys i due here keep oooooooooooooooooffffffffffff.
obi <kessmudia@yahoo.com>

to holly: infact..u said right; THIS IS YOUR OPINION,,, not ours. it's clear that u did not read well all of her poetry yet, that's why u say, u didnt understand her. she is not crazy. she's a genius. she was. unluckily... she is a colossus. a rare writer. kisses, ALEX
ALEX <alfar1@supereva.it>
firenze, italy

it's taken from "in plaster" poem. kisses!!
ALEX <alfar1@supereva.it>
firenze, italy

Sylvia Plath, in my opinion, is the most talented being that has ever breathed on this earth. I could sit there, alone and cold, and if I was reading any of Plath's work, all just seems to come together perfectly. Sylvia Plath never bit her tongue, and that's probably why I admire her so much. She just has this amazing way with words. And to anyone who has lived through some sort of madness, Plath's work describes our world, perfectly. Many of us see life through the distorted lens of a bell jar. This is an awesome website. Thank you a lot for putting it together. It is much appreciated. It's good to see that there are some others in this world who can truly see the beauty in amazing literature...
Razan <sourpussvixeno5>

I'm a literary translator Hebrew to German, and I've come across this page while looking for a specific piece that my author used without stating where exactly she took it. The citation reads as follows: "I shall never get out of this! There are tow of me now / This new absolutely white person and the old yellow one, / And the white person is certainly the superior one... / Without me, she wouldn't exist, so of course she was grateful. / I gave her a sould, I bloomed out of her as a rose / Blooms out of a vase of not very valuable porcelain." I'd be very grateful if anyone could mail me from which poem this was taken, if at all it was taken from a poem - any information would be valuable. Thanks a lot - Ruth
Ruth Melcer <melcer@snafu.de>
Berlin, Germany

It was interesting to read her type of poetry; although I still don't quite understand it. I write poetry myself and mine is very dark but I dont write anything like that, she seems kinda crazy to me, put thats jus my opinion. This is a nice website tho...GOOD JOB! :)
Holly <hoot6687@hotmail.com>

in the text of: "The first biography of Sylvia Plath to draw on unpublished journals and letters, Sylvia Plath provides a detailed, objective, and illuminating portrait of this talented and tortured woman who is widely recognized as one of America's foremost poets of the 20th century. 20 pages of photos. " you appear to have misplaced the poet in the authors spot. should it not appear as: "The first biography of Sylvia Plath to draw on unpublished journals and letters, (AUTHORS NAME) provides a detailed, objective, and illuminating portrait of this talented and tortured woman who is widely recognized as one of America's foremost poets of the 20th century. 20 pages of photos."? just a question. twas reading through the material and noticed it. by the bywonderful site! so very helpful! NH
niki <morgman1@hotmail.com>
Northern Michigan

Hi everybody! I need help for the commentary on " Frog Autumn" and" metaphors", I have my english exam but there isn't any book about this 2 poem!!! Thanks
patrizia <Trizia12@tiscali.it>

This site is great! There is a lot of helpful information that I have used while writing my junior thesis! Thanks again!
Orlando, FL

hi everyone! i just wanted to comment something about the piece by Monica Beyer, "Black Shoes and German Tongues: Death and Incest in Sylvia Plath's 'Daddy' .. being sure that with it i'll risk to see lots of bad comments on me, i know. but i thought very carefully about this story of a probable incest.. and after many years reading about and from plath herself, i came to a sad "decision", that it's very likely that sylvia experienced an incest with her father. it is clear from many poems or short story of her. try and read, for example, more than 1 time, The Zoo Keeper's Wife and then tell me. best regards, ALEX
alex <alfar1@supereva.it>
florence, italy

nice page

awesome site. it has been a tremendous help on several occasions, with several different school assignments. thank you!
nicki <whiskeytears@yahoo.com>

Great site. Could anybody be so kind as to help me with my work on Sylvia Plath's "All the dead dears"? If anyone has got a decent commentary on this lovely poem, you can certainly e-mail me. It would surely be a great help for me -a poor young Belgian student. Thanks.
Tijs Delbeke <tijsdelbeke@hotmail.com>

This is an excellent site! I have greatly enjoyed looking over the various links and articles, it is a very convenient way of accessing alot of interesting information. I must say that the criticism offered through the site is of very uneven quality! The piece by Monica Beyer, "Black Shoes and German Tongues: Death and Incest in Sylvia Plath's 'Daddy' ", really does not deserve to be on your webiste (or ANY website!). Beyer asserts that Sylvia Plath's father abused her sexually. She offers no proof for this allegation beyond the poem "Daddy". Her logic seems to be that since Sylvia hates her father very much, her father must have done something extremely hateful to her. I could go on and on about the fallacies inherent in this type of criticism-- but I think it is self-evident, and any intelligent reader will realize that. Otto Plath is of course, dead, and in no position to defend himself. I find it sad that such allegations are floating around on the web. This is pure nonsense, but someone might take it seriously. Incidentally, I've read a few biographies, criticism, etc. on Sylvia Plath, and I've never read any allegation about Otto Plath being guilty of incest. Apparently, the man may have been an emotional iceberg. But his main fault, as far as Sylvia was concerned, was that he died and abandoned her. Please delete the piece by Monica Beyer! It is not worthy of your site! Marco Ribeiro
MARCO RIBEIRO <tonyribeiro@yahoo.com>

I would like to know if any1 has any ideas of coming up with a bridge for Sylvia Plath's works on the Bell Jar and some of her poetry works such as "Daddy" and "Medusa"?? I NEED HELP!!! It's for an Analytical American Author Project for my school.
Heather <ghettofabchik0814@Yahoo.com>

Great site! I'm intrigued by Sylvia Plath and have a few of her works, but would like to add to my collection. I have 'The Bell Jar', 'Ariel' and her journals. Any recomendations? Also, what is the general feeling towards Ted Hughes?
Jules <julesprice86@hotmailcom>

Wow, becuase of your site, I was introduced to the wonderful Sylvia Plath. Keep up the good work!
Kit M. <stoopidglowstixx@aol.com>
Arkansas, USA

Hey, i'm doing my 11th grade research paper on feminism in Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. if anyone has any information i could use or anything i'd appreciate it. also i was wondering if anyone knew if she was an active feminist? like did she ever make feminist acts or anything? The sooner the better!! i really appreciate it!!! you can email me at unwrittengirliex@aol.com thanks ... heather!
Heather <unwrittengirliex@aol.com>

I love Gilmore Girls and so i saw that Rory was reading 'the unabridged journals of Sylvia Plath' and i decided that I should try to read some stuff that Rory does, so I read a couple poems last night by Sylvia Plath and it is amazing. I mean I may only be in 8th grade, but everything she writes is so deep and incredible. If anyone wants to talk, send me an email (tell me in the subject line 'Sylvia Plath').
Sarah <sarahsme@yahoo.com>
Maine, USA

Hello. It's about time I stopped and thanked you for your wonderful site. Sylvia Plath's poetry, a vast collection of it in one place at the internet is a rarity and I was so delighted and priviledged to accidentally stumble down here. Those poems have been among my many evening's readings, her collected works being something that is not easily obtained where I live. Thank you very much.
Theo <theo_berg@hotmail.com>

Dear Emily, We'd like to send information and a scan of the jacket for our book WRITING BACK: Sylvia Plath and Cold War Politics by Robin Peel. Would you please let me know the preferred format, and transfer protocol. thanks, Julien Yoseloff Associated University Presses
Julien Yoseloff <aup440@aol.com>

Bonjour! I'd like to thank you for your web site which is really good and useful. I am french and I 'm doing my Phd on Plath's work (as a fantomatic inscritption behind some Emily dickinson's verse that Ted Hughes chose to publish.) I have a huge quantity of research to do but that's fascinating!
Helene <lnheu@hotmail.com>

Hello. I'm very intrigued by this site. I love Sylvia Plath's work. Somehow it speaks to me. She is my favorite poet of all time besides Edgar Allen Poe. I'd love to get to know more of you on her so please IM me on AIM at LuvlySylviaPlath...Thanx Love, Chelsea xxoxx
Chelsea <PoEtiCPuNkOdDiTy@aol.com>
North Carolina

I love Plath's work. I am reading her in one of my English classes and I seem to be the only one who really understands and appreciates her work. I love reading about her and this is a great site to do so.
Seth King <sether25@hotmail.com>
Western IL University

i love sylvia..... she's my favorite.... ever since 7th grade.... me and sylvia all the way
Jewel <genericbichnetscape.net>

great work thought i should put where i am from as i didnt last time haha love it!
tasmania australia

hi plath online : hows it going, i think plathonline is the best poetry website i have come across and i love the work which is even better this site has helped me lots with my english assignment so thanx i love ur work! and ill message you again and tell you what i got for my english assignment fingers crossed for an A!
shelby <svirieux@pro.tas.edu.au>

Hi PLATHONLINE!! I've been researching Sylvia Plath for about a week now, just to see what she was about. I must say, WWW.PLATHONLINE.COM has been the site with the most information, and the most help. Thank You so much, for keeping this site up. I even net a friend here, SYLVIAAPLATH@AOL.COM. She has also helped me a lot on my study. I just got the book 'The Bell Jar' yesterday, and I couldn't put it down. Thanks again!
Sasha <RdSkittles@aol.com>
My LiveJournal

Hi! I'm in the 10th grade and I've been a fan of Sylvia Plath for a few years now. I even did a literary biography on her last year and while I think she and her work need proper recognition I think this new movie is the wrong kind of recognition. If you haven't heard yet, someone's doing a movie entitled "Ted and Sylvia" and guess who's playing her? Gwenyth Paltrow. Eww. If I was dead and she was playing me in a movie I'd roll over in my grave. I think this is disgusting and I'm dreading the release of this film.
Halli Harper <thatannoyinggirl@hotmail.com>
Waycross, GA

You site is great, For one of my term papers Slyvia Plath was the subject. her poems were beautiful and the bell jar was a little hard to read for awhile but the more i came to understand everything it became clear. I couldn't help wondering if the she had access to mental health then how thing might of turned out for her.
Betty Zampier <z123amp@aol.com>

Thanks to the suggestion of one of my favourite musician, Tori Amos (that mentioned Sylvia Plath in one of her latest interviews), I met the poems of this great woman and immediately fell in love with her way of writing. Now I'm reading some of her diaries. Thanks to Emily too, cause here I read Sylvia's poems for the first time and it was love at firt sight! Valentina (from Italy)

very resourceful for my presentation.
Laura <laurasnoo@hotmail.com>
edmond, oklahoma

Dear Plathonline: Your site is impressive, well-organized, and I'm sure of much help to researchers or just those interested in Plath, Hughes and their work. I do wish, however, that you had asked for permission to publish my book review, "Coherent World Lurks in Frieda Hughes' Writing" on your website. After their original publication in the Denver Post, the rights to the article returned to me. Sincerely, James Lough
James Lough <jelough@msn.com>

umm... this was a great site! IT helped me alot to find out things on Sylvia to put in my term paper! I have read some poems on her but have never really understood anything about her life! now i do! Thanks!
Angie Ruck
hagerstown, MD

Hi! I started researching Plath because of an English assignment (which i am still working on). Her poems are very good. I haven't been exposed to enough poetry to compare her work but I'll take everyones' word for how good it is. First I would like to say that is horrible, 'Little Bo Pepper' or whatever your name is. Yeah, OK i can see you were trying to be funny by saying you are Sylvia Plath but HELLO that was just awful to say she wanted to kill her children! :Ahem: why would she block their room with towelsi--TO PREVENT THE GAS FROM KILLING THEM ALSO! OK well now that I'm done ranting at Little bo -whatever; I would like to quote my own father who said, "Any TRUE geniuse is on the brink of insanity--or insane." I think that statement is pretty self-explanatory. Thanks for the site. Hit be Back if you have any intersting FAQs cuz i love to learn about people and Plath's life has hooked me. :-*
Nicole <armychik14@aol.com>
California, USA

Hello, I am doing a paper for school...it is my 10th grade research paper along with my graduation project. Thank you for providing me with much needed information.
Amy <blackstitch3579@hotmail.com>
mercersburg, pa

Thanks for helping me with my school paper! i like these poems. I am using "Mirror." i hate mirrors.
Tabitha <marionravenfan@yahoo.com>

hello everybody and hello emily; you have given us a great website! Thanks a lot for that. I am working on a paper in which I am trying to gain insight into the worldwide fascination for Sylvia Plath that causes her big presence on the Internet. For those interested in helping me, can you tell me what it is exactly, that causes your personal admiration for this wonderful poet? Is it something about her life, is it recognition? AnnemiekeAttema@hotmail.com
annemieke <annemiekeattema@hotmail.com>
The Netherlands

This is good site except i was wondering if you have any information on what happened to her kids during the time of when plath committed suicide. I was just wondering so email me if anybody knows?
heather <hfirnie@aol.com>

hey ive been visiting this site for a while and i never got the chance to write a bit in here. i got hooked on sylvia plath after i heard ryan adams song about her. after that i started reading her poetry and asking for her books for my up coming birthday. i love her style, and i love peeking around this site for more interesting reads. if you have any personal favorites id like to know em. the more the merrier
lor <sylviaaplath@aol.com>

Emily - I love your websites! I am doing a paper on Plath and your site popped up. Wow, there is so much helpful information here! I also stopped by your homepage -strangechord.com and I love that too. Your mp3s, picts, and quotes make it so personal. Fantastic. I loved all your pictures of the Oregon coast. It made me homesick for Seattle area. Thank you! Keep up the fantastic work. Oh, if you ever stumble across the recording of Plath reading "Daddy", add it to your site and let me know. I loved hearing that when i was in H.S. Ok, thanks again. Sorry this got to be so wordy!
Jessie <jessieo@hanson.net>
Missouri and Washington State

where can i get a good plath biography
tyrel <loser8720@msn.com>

hi I just thought you might be interested to know that "A Better Resurrection" (listed under Plath's poems) is actually Christina Rossetti's poem. I don't know how it came to be listed under Plath's accomplishments. Plath is immensely talented and I admire all her works. But "A Better Resurrection" just isn't one of her works.
Jess <jessiebessie02@yahoo.com>

The only way to discribe how I feel about Plath's work is... It inspires a feeling of great saddness, for which I am happy. If we all feel sad for the world, then maybe some of us might do something to improve the situation
Noel <13432001@maties.sun.ac.za>
South Africa

I cannot emphasize the importance of Plath's work. As a surprisingly sensitive person, I love the fact that I read her work and my eyes fill with tears. I thank you so much for setting up such a great website enabling access to so much of her work. I only have one request, that the poem "I Thought That I Could Not Be Hurt" is finished. As someone who has been hurt and didn't expect it (who does?) it has particular value to me thanks! P.S. I highly reccomend "Virgin In A Tree" it's delightful!
Marion <littleredhorns@hotmail.com>

great site! I really appreciate your work and the large amount of links to articles about Sylvia Plath.
rossa <rosadisera2002@libero.it>

Big problem!!! I have a literature exam tomorrow, and I have a huge problem with ' Black Rook In Rainy Weather.' I don't know if the line is 'leap incandescant' or ' lean incandescant.' This site says 'leap', but there are others which say it is 'lean.' Is there anyone who can tell me, please?
Anna <Miloffee@hotmail.com>

Yarr,......seriously Sylvia Plath did not do a good job of hiding the fact she was disturbed. Read 'Edge,' and you will see that not only did she not hide it, but she was actually trying to get people to see.
Tipsy McStagger <bobsabitch@hotmail.com>
The bottom of a bottle

My biggest concern about Paltrow playing Plath is the way in which Plath will be depicted. This will be the key to the entire movie. Hopefully, she will not be degraded to the simple myth that has become her legacy. She was not merely a "tormented soul." She was a brilliant, charming, magnetic figure with a bit of a venemous side, as anyone who has read her work should know. She was witty, ironic, and serious. She was very adept at hiding her illness. Only right before her death, did she let her despair show through the facade.
Brandy <bsejeck@hotmail.com>

I have a question- If anyone knows the answer to it, i would appreciate them emailing me- and operhaps including the source of the answer- how did sylvia plath feel about dorthy parker's writing and visa versa?
leslie <firstpope@msn.com>

Ive just recently been studying Plaths poem "daddy" and "Lady Lazarus" for english. Thought this sight would help me understand her style a bit more but it hasnt! All ive learnt is thats shes one obsessed freak about germans and shes so screwed up in the head!!!!!!
Mary-Anne <young_gurl45@hotmail.com>
Australia, Sydney

First time I came across Plath was when studying poetry for my 'GCSEs'. We had to read "Mushrooms" and "Medallion". To be honest, I found them both completely dull, but, having been given a copy of "Morning Song", I found it beautiful, and am going to re-read the other two again, along with other work by Plath. I am one of the converted! Thank you.
Jeanette Dickson <femme_chick@hotmail.com>
Midlands, UK

Dear Plath, I'm left speechless underneath the layers of words blanketing my thoughts. Why did you write such honest words, real meanings and images which blind me from reality? I'm left, amazed. I'm not an avid fan, more of a intrigued reader, but I can still feel the shivers of "the bell jar", of the poems"Daddy" and "The arrival of the Beebox" and more. Also, I dunno if this sounds strange, but I also feel love, in your words and immense passion. I give my eternal ears to your lyrics, words and sentences. Love and respect.
Jason <living_is_a_sin@hotmail.com>
UK England

I have loved Sylvia Plath from the first day that I read something of hers a year ago. She is so infectious and honest. There are really no true words to describe how I feel about some of the things she has written.
Kendra <thosearemypeople15@hotmail.com>

This message is for "Little Bo Peeper": You are Sylvia Plath? Give me a break. As if anyone on this discussion panel is going to believe that load of crap. Please hurry up and get another dignified hobby.
Steph <ingeniousfemale@poetic.com>

Sylvia Plath is my favorite modern poet. Easily, no contest. This site is a wonderful resource.
Gary Taylor <gftbiloxi@yahoo.com>
Biloxi, Mississippi

WOW!!! great site it helped me a whole bunch! thank you!
Tiara <glitter_bugg2002@yahoo.com>

This is a wonderful site for the Plath fan, as well as others. It is well organized, and is just great. Thanks for it.


This is a great site. I've only just discovered Sylvia Plath and i think she is an amazing poet. it's just so sad she couldn't see how amazing she was.
amy <gothicchick14uk@yahoo.com>

Crazy crazy Plath! I'm sorry, but after reading 'Daddy,' 'Fever 103' and 'Lady Lazarus' how THE HELL could you not see that she had problems. And not just a little bit. Come on, people! I mean really! Who says 'Daddy, I have had to kill you...They are dancing and stamping on you' etc and is sane? We have all been very careful to say 'Oh yes, Plath was "cerebral" and "highly neurotic" but we all know the truth. Yes, she did write "interesting" poetry, but hell, she was as nutty as a fruitcake. That will be all.
Macaw Cry <Plathsmabitch@aol.com>

Who says Sylvia Plath was a misunderstood genius? The only way she was misunderstood was that no-one saw how crazy she was, and did not subsequently lock her up.
Cousin Merle <Plathsapsycho@hotmail.com>

I am Sylvia. I had unfinished work here, and so I took the soul of a dying baby, and returned to you. Whether you think this is reincarnation, or just a divine intervention, it does not matter. I am the real thing, "I do it so it feels real." One day I will show you all who I really am, you will see that I am Sylvia, come back to do what I could not - kill my children.
Little Bo Peeper <thebelljarshold@hotmail.com>

Wow. This site is friggin awesome! I love Sylvia Plath so much and you did such a good job creating this site! This has everything that I was looing for! Poetry readily accesable, etc. I am impressed and so glad that I came upon this site! Keep up the good work!
Tracey <xxxeternalsadnessxxx@hotmail.com>

you freakin rock man. i found this site over a year ago, and i finally realized i could sign a 'guestbook' haha. i recently read 'the bell jar'.. all i have to say is, amazing. the whole concept of a bell jar hovering over her, keeping in sour stale air.. wow. plath is so amazing, and i feel really special to have been exposed to her poetry. i love this site so much.. yeah i linked it from my site. hope thats ok! if not tell me and i will DEFINITELY take it off. also, my site is really lame cause i don't have that much time, so be kind if you criticize it!
kate <emosophical@yahoo.com>
new york

Ok, I was reading through some of the things posted on the guestbook by people on here and it was nice to read thoughts of other Plath fans. Until I came to one that was just horrible. It made me mad and just had to share how awful it made me feel. It was someone's attempt to be "funny". Speaking themseleve's as Sylvia Plath. The first about her dying and the next had no basis on any fact, just a sick joke. They also made a comment about "the freaks who like her poetry". Well, if that is what you would like to think, then I am proud to be a Sylvia Plath "freak". Even if they don't like her why put something so horrid on here and have such little respect? Also, I don't think that you(jamalive) would know good writting if it came up and bit you in the butt! So to you who wrote those bad posts (jamalive@hotmail.com)... BITE ME!!!!
Angela <Arwen1742@mchsi.com>

This is a great site that you have. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who is a big Sylvia Plath fan. I especcially love how you have her poems, in order. I was printing for a long while when I found that! OK, well, just wanted to say how I love your site. Good job!!! Angela
Angela <Arwen1742@mchsi.com>

Thank you for creating a site for Plath fans and curious newcomers alike. Those of us who love her can appreciate this site and those of us who have not yet discovered her brutal honesty will have a chance to do it in an informative and unbaised manor. Good job.

This is the best site that I have seen on an poet! I needed to get some copys of poems and this site helped me out a lot. Thank You
Charlie Saldana <Bafa2000@aol.com>
San Antonio Tx

Great site!!! Thanks!!!
Michele Grim <ladylazarusplath@yahoo.com>

Among the missing, or as yet unheard from, figures in the Plath-Hughes saga: David Wevill - supposedly on faculty at University of Texas. He was married to Assia at the time she and Hughes met. He knew both Sylvia and Ted during a critical period. Richard Sassoon - Sylvia's unrequited love from college; supposedly somewhere in France. Sylvia was on the rebound from Sassoon when she found Ted. Assia Wevill's sister, supposedly living in Canada. Sylvia's brother, Warren. Totally silent. Living in eastern United States. These are a mere sample of the many more who played a part in the Plath-Hughes drama and have either been unfound, or silent by choice. The researcher who locates some of these 'missing' will be rewarded with new insights.
M Korshak <mkorshak@uh.edu>
houston texas

i have really enjoyed this website. it is just wondeful!!! but what i really would have like would be a few more pictures of Plath as i only saw two on the home page and those were just tiny!!! so if you could add another link with her biography and photos te website will e complete. thank you very much
Dee Tuncer <myavengigangel@hotmail.com>
London, UK

Sylvia Plath is my absolute idol!! I have been reading her since 10th grade, when my English teacher recommended "The Bell Jar" for me to read. Instant connection. She is my favorite, and I strive to be as good as she is/was. Thank you so much for putting this website up, I was ecstatic when I found it!! Keep up the good work!!!
Laura Priscilla Parks <Jellybean_pyrro@yahoo.com>

I've loved Sylvia Plath for many years. She is wholesome, beautiful, graceful, and by all means my idol. It is such a horror that she did not understand what a wonderful human she was. Thank you so much for making a site in her honor. I was searching all over for Mad Girl's Love Song and was so happy to see it posted on a great site. Keep up the great work. I will be back to visit.
Heather Williams <bunny_love93@yahoo.com>
Spokane, WA

Some of the poems aren't completed, I can't remember which exactly I just went through at random and read but the 'page not completed' message came up, and in the FAQ section, or even in another page some basic biographical information would be good.
Random Person

i very much enjoyed this site. you RULE.
bella <crazyrusky@hotmail.com>

Through you devoted efforts your site is adding to the sum total of enlightenment in the world many thanks zendo http://oshana.org/
Enlightenment <zendo@yahoo.kr>

I've loved Sylvia Plath ever since I fell upon my mother's copy of the Bell Jar when I was 10 or so. I myself aspire to be a well known author and poet in the near future, and along with French poet Arthur Rimbaud, Sylvia's prose and verse has inspried me like no other. This site is by far the best Sylvia hommage I have come across. Good work! ps: what do you think about Gwenyth Paltrow playing Sylvia in the upcoming BBC bioflick?
Cameron <purple_stupid@hotmail.com>

I have been a fan of Sylvia for some time now. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your website (its the nicest and most informitive one i've seen). KEEP IT UP!
sheyda <CRaZyFaLlOn05@aol.com>

how did she kill herself? sleeping pills?
Ivory Moore <immwonderwoman@hotmail.com>

What a wonderful site you have ! =) I adore Plath's work , and have memorized several of her poems . . I am most impressed with your site , keep it up . If I had any money , I would donate some to you .
Risa <psychorisa@hotmail.com>

I choose Slvia Plath as my poet for my sumer asignment. I just want to say thatthis site saved my entire summer!!! This site is easy to navgate and ha lots of usefull links. THANK YOU!!!! (grovells repeatedly to the site creators).

Is there a play based on the life of Sylvia Plath? If so what is it called and who wrote it?
lynn miller <fushiatulip@hotmail.com>
brandon mb CAnada

It's nice to see so many fans of Sylvia. I wish she could have felt some of the love we all have for her when she was alive.
Elisabeth Howell <moonstarsgirl@yahoo.com>
South Carolina

I like her so much!!!
Carla <carlacarla97@hotmail.com>

i've become very intrested in sylvia plath if anyone cares to send info it would be apreciated
Nehama Verter <angeldreamer666@yahoo.com>

Thanks for taking the time to type out Plaths poetry. I'm glad I found this site.
Nico <Nicodemun@hotmail.com>
Fort Walton Beach Florida

Greetings Plathites, I am a graduate student finishing my honours degree and in pursuit of my thesis (mythopoesis in the poetry of Ted Hughes) I have been in contact with many people who knew both Plath and Hughes personally. Here is some information that might be interesting for those who enjoy Plath's work. Gwyneth Paltrow is going to be starring in a film based on Plath's life, currently titled after Anne Stevenson's biographic study of Plath, "Bitter Fame." The slate for release is 2003. It looks as though the script consultant is one of Hughes's self proclaimed "enemies" and therefore we can only cross our fingers in the hopes that the film will be a responsible documentary of the Hughes-Plath relationship. My cynically protective heart, however, guesses this film will be little more than soapy drama, nonsense, and an active regeneration of the vulgar-feminism that demonized Hughes in the 1970's and 80's in the US. I figure I'll stick to the poetry and let others make what they want of Hughes's life with Plath. cheers ~J~
Jared <jared@dayliketoday.com>

Her poems are really powerful so I decided to do my poetry assignment on her
Jason P <jas_rulz14@hotmail.com>
Australia, NSW, Coonabarabran

I enjoy reading the opposite of how I write; I am light, and of course it is redundant to say that Plathe is dark. However, she allows for many to see the sides of life that we don't walk, and can only visit through her words. I am looking forward to the time that the remaining titles' bodies of work are shown. Thank you for keeping this site up, and active.
Karilea <karileajun@hotmail.com>

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