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This site was created and is maintained by me - Emily B. Pollard. I have adored Plath's poetry since I was 16, when I decided that even though my mother enjoyed her, I could too! To find out more about me, please visit my personal website at Strangechord.com.


This is an offshoot of an older page. I have been collecting Sylvia Plath links from around the web since September 1996, when I first compiled The Complete List of Sylvia Plath Links at my Geocities site. After five years online, that links list received over 356,000 hits, was included in countless search engines, and linked to by more than 300 other sites.


Why PlathOnline.com? Because there are so many champions of Plath and her work. Also, I always wanted to create a fuller version of the old Plath links list and thought that including sections such as searchable poems, a fan directory, a F.A.Q., and a full base of media articles and criticism would be a tremendous aid for readers, students, scolars, and educators.


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This site went live around June 2001. Updating is forever.

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